Arni Thor Jonsson is an Icelander born and raised in Reykjavik where he is a co-owner of the production house Republik Pictures. Jonsson has directed award-winning music videos, directing for Damien Rice and Hjaltalin. Arni has directed hundreds of commercials for clients like Jeep, Walgreens, Behr, Audi, Sony, McDonalds, Walmart and Ikea. Before blossoming into a director, he worked as an editor and assistant cameraman under the tutelage of his father, who was a mainstay in Icelandic production with the family owned production house, Saga Film.

When Jonsson was a civilian, he was previously an influential radio host, music journalist and a bass player in a garage band. He still keeps up a music blog. Jonsson resides in Los Angeles with his family and petting zoo (1 dog, 2 cats, 1 tortoise), occasionally riding his motorbikes and playing basketball as well as honoring his roots as an avid futbol fan.